Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Timmy: Page 2 (or is it 4?)

All in all, I still believe Timmy is a fun project. I am excited to get to work on Tommy's pages as he sends them in. I hope I can do justice though. It's always hard when you are working over someone else's foundation.

It was a hard thing to have to let my duty as penciler/inker on Timmy go. Believe me, I struggled with it. But I know it will all work out for the best. Seen here is the last page I did for the comic. To be honest, and in comparison with my current freelance gigs, I know I could do much better. But alas, I have to let go.

For so long I have gotten used to basically taking control of the whole art process. From penciling to inking to coloring. But now I am faced with the challenge of enhancing someone else's pencils via Photoshop with color. Something I have never done before. But I like challenges. They are the ones that make me grow as an Artist. They are the ones that get my blood pumping through my vains. So Mr. Flick, bring it on!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Killer Robot(s) of the Week: We the Robots

We the Robots is a comic strip by Chris Harding, chroniciling the daily existence of robot Bob, and his family. The story takes place on a Earth where robots are the dominant species, so these guys have obviously already taken over their world, used the humans for energy, and mock our humanity by pretending to be human. We could be next!

Threat level: 12 (especially the farting robots)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Timmy Page

I never started with page one. So I think this is page 2, or 3. Anyhoo, Manga influence somewhere in there ;)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

By now most of you have read from Tommy's posts of how I have had to back out of drawing Timmy The Killer Robot due to my freelance work. Actually, to clarify a bit, I CAN continue to draw Timmy pages, but the decision to hand over that duty over to Tommy was a mutual one. The reason I handed over the penciling choirs to Tommy, despite the fact I can still draw the project, is because I was moving at a snails pace. Not that I am that slow mind you. But Freelance work was taking up the bulk of my time and I found myself with little or no time to continue to draw Timmy in a pace that would get enough material out. So Tommy and I talked, or rather, emailed each other back and forth and I gave him the option. But it was mutual. It was something already in the air. I would still like to say, that I am not by any means abandoning ship. Heck no! I'm still on this baby like butter on bread. Tommy is going to do the pencils, but I am going to handle corrections, inks, color and lettering! And we still have to see if Mr. Dave Contreras will agree to the covers, if any. So Timmy The Killer Robot is not out for the count. In the mean time, I am coming back for another post in where I will show you the two pages I managed to do.