Friday, October 31, 2008

You would be mad too!

Timmy's had a really bad skin day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spider mode

One of the very cool abilities that Moses posses, and that we have not really dwelt on much, is his ability to transform his body into an complete arsenal. He's basically a walking one man (excuse me, robot), machine. Designed with the sole purpose of killing. Destroying anything and everything in his path.

Thank God for something called conscience. And that's exactly what both Timmy and Moses have. The ability to tell from right and wrong. The human gift (and curse) of choice.

It's what drives Moses to flee from his Creators. It's what drives him to do no evil. Well, at least not to innocent People.

One of the scenes in the comics calls for something like this. And if you are asking how something like this is possible. The my answer to that is simple.

It's a comic book for crying out loud. You can do ANYTHING you want and get away with it ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I feel...Unworthy

I am always stoked to see how other Artist interpret Characters I am working, or have worked, on.

This stems from my early years as a comic book fanatic, buying them by the bulk loads every week. I loved the fact that Todd would draw the Hulk totally different then Dale, and that Eric Larsen drew Spiderman different then Todd and so on.

So I am always honored to get emails with contributions of Artists interpretations of my work.

I was stoked this morning as I checked my RSS news reader to find this:
Josh Draws A Cool Fella

Josh is awesome Artist whom I have great respect for. So I would highly recommend you grab his RSS feed, or just keep your eyes on his work. He has a very cool Character of his own, Araknid Kid, which I dream of one day teaming up with Dog Saint, AND Timmy. Now that would be off the hook People. Hmmmm....



Okay. I'm back. Had a moment of inspiration there.

Anyways, it seems I am not the only one who really just loves this Moses Character.

Hey Tommy, maybe rework the title?

Moses The Homeless Killer Robot?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's all about style

Allot of sketching going on. Basically trying to get the style the comic will be drawn locked and ready. I want it to be consistent in the way it looks. One of the problems I have been having is making the change from my usual semi-realistic art to the toned down simple cartoon look. So when I sketch, I find myself thinking "Saturday Morning Cartoon" over and over again.

I like the Character of Timmy. But without a doubt, my favorite in the series has to be Moses the homeless robot. I don't think any other Character I have drawn has so much character, and potential, then this Guy.

I mean, even the name says it all. So I was talking to Tommy one day and we kind of bounced the idea os a Moses mini-serise or one shot, depending in what direction Timmy took us.

Still, I have so much fun when I draw him. It would seem the comic was based on him alone.

This was done traditionally. Meaning, I sketched it with a pencil in my sketch book.

This one was done digitally. Meaning, I sketched it with a Wacom tablet in my computer using Sketchbook Pro.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Something called process. part 2

Continuing where I left off in my previous post, this is the final version of the pencils for TTKR pages 2 and 3, which will make up a splash page in the final comic book.

As mentioned in my previous post, I sketched the entire page out in Sketchbook Pro.

Usually, after laying out a page in Sketchbook Pro, I will the import that page into Manga Studio and do all the ink lines there, adding tones as needed. But I'll save that process for another post. Right now I want to share another Timmy sketch with you Guys.

That's it for now.

More later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something called Process

All of a sudden this blog has come alive. I wonder what may be happening behind the scenes.

I'l tell you what's happening.

I'm getting my butt moving on some sketches and pages here and there (Cue song: I like to move it move it. He likes to move it move it- MOVE IT!).

Ok. That was corny. But I could not help myself.

Anyhoo. Interestingly enough, I happened to be in the mood of snapping some shots of my screen to show that the project Timmy The Killer Robot is NOT dead, despite all the rumors you may have (or not) heard.

I know there have been allot of mind changing going on with this project and this blog has not pulled it's punches in exposing those changes of heart (thank you very much blogger), but we are still moving forward, if at times, we move a little bit backwards.
All thanks to me, of course.

But, ok, here is a little bit to move us forward.

I have been drawing everything in the computer lately. That means my whole work flow starts and ends with the computer. I have found myself to be a bit faster this way and it allows for very fast, none messy, last minute changes to my work.

So typically,
I will start out in Sketchbook Pro, laying out my page and sketching out the scene as I normally would in the traditional form. What's great about working this way is
1. Layers.

I can separate my entire sketch into layers. The face in one layer. the right arm in another, the T-shirt in another and so on. This makes it much easier to erase and change/correct any element within the composition.

and 2.
No mess of papers in my studio. (my Wife hates that).

Seen bellow is a template I created specifically for SBP using the standard comic book page guides.
It's blank now, but that's going to quickly change in a few :)

Now I start working in the sketch little by little. Making sure each element is in it's own layer.

A little closer now folks.


I think that will be all for Today.
Have to save some for 2morrow ;)