Saturday, November 8, 2008

What If? Part 2

More miller style madness with Moses.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What If?

I was into Frank Millers art with the arrival of Sin City. Before that, I could not care less about his art. But with Sin City, he broke out of the normal, and into something none of us (well, at least me), had seen before.

I had a period where everything I drew had to be drawn in the "miller-Sin-city" style. It was awesome. And i was a great learning experience.

One of our Characters in the Timmy The Killer Robot comic book project lends himself to the whole Miller look and feel quite well.

Yes, you guessed it. Moses.

In fact, Moses seems to be ripped out of the pages of one of many Sin City stories. Only, those pages would be a Kid friendly Sin-City, of course. Because you do know how we roll :)

So, for some strange reason, I was moved to draw Moses in that legendary Miller style, thus answering the question, What If Frank Miller Drew Moses?

The possibilities, my Friends, are just mind shattering.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Machine Teen

Machine Teen was a mini-series published by Marvel a few years ago. I recently picked up the paperback copy to check it out, not to attempt to rip it off, but to see if my ideas were too close to this story. My gosh, I think Mark Sumerak ripped ME off! I'm mostly kidding, but some of the plot elements are almost exactly what I wrote! Hey, I wrote the plot for Timmy a few years before this comic came out, so I came up with it 1st!

Funny part is, I sat next to Mark at a local comic convention, after his book had come out, and mentioned my ideas to him, not in detail, as I remember, but in vaguely hoping he might still have some editorial connections to Marvel. Nice guy!

I hate to rip on anyone else's stuff, but I feel the Machine teen story was a watered down version of what we're doing with Timmy. The characters seemed uninteresting, and the art uninspired. The comic was supposed to be part of Marvel's "Tsunami" wave of Manga-inspired books, but the art looked pretty dull, and not manga at all. Sorry, guys.

There's always accusations that any new idea was ripped off from someone else. Like I said, I came up with it 1st. Maybe the idea isn't totally original, but the way we want to tell the story is. Hope you're liking it as we bring you bits and pieces!