Monday, January 28, 2008

The real you inside...

Here are the final designs for Timmy, Nate, Timmy's love interest, and of course, Timmy's robotic form as they will appear in the final comic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More old sketches

Tommy and I are just in the same spirit here. He has a bit more to show as far as "old" art work is concerned. This being the last batch of old sketches I have laying around. And it's not much. But worth sharing with you all.
Basically, the first sketch is more character studies I was doing at the time of Timmy's Robotic form. Although he seems more like an older Robot here, this is where the actual design for the Robot begins to take its form. I will show you some of the final designs for the Robot in a later post.

Some of the scenes in Tommy's script call for a few shots of Timmy's Bedroom. So, I went ahead and got all Interior Designery-ish and began to arrange and re arrange his room. The goal was to capture Tommy's vision of a young average everyday Teens room. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I really need to make that room messy!

More to come Later!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Timmy flashback: 1st sketch

Hey, Tommy here! What we have here is the very first drawing I did of Timmy. I remember coming up with the concept, and being excited about it, and told my wife. She thought it sounded like it wouldn't work (she's all for it now!), so I shelved it in my head for a while. After a few months, I got the bug to try to develop this character again, and out came this sketch.

I gave him a "Terminator"-style arm, which we've canned for the more finished model of Timmy.

For his appearance, I wanted a young guy to model him after. At the time, the band The Calling was popular, so I modeled Timmy after their singer. Probably doesn't even look like him!

Eric showed me some cool sketches today, hopefully you'll see them soon!

Some old sketches.

Well, Tommy and I have been trying to get this project fired up and going for over a year or more already. So I decided it would be cool to post some old sketches I came up with of Character designs I began to do. Now, keep in mind, these sketches are old. My mind set was drawing in a semi realistic look. But Tommy originally wanted a more stylized cartoon look. Which is perfectly fine with me, because this is the style I love to work in. So the sketches you are going to see bellow are geared more towards a semi realistic look. They are of a more intense and serious Timmy. And a more scarier Robot. Also, Timmy kept coming out older in these sketches. That was a problem because he is only a Teenager. Well, enjoy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Timmy Teaser Trailer

Hey Guys. It's great to be here and a part of this project and blog. Basically, for those of you who do not know me. My name is Eric Merced. I'm the fortunate Artist of Timmy The Robot Killer. It's a very fun project which I'm sure you will enjoy. As Tommy mentioned in his opening post, we are going to be bringing some behind the scene material including sketches and actual pages from the project. And once the project gets a publisher, you'll find out here. To kick things off, I want to redirect everyone to this. It's sort of our version of a Hollywood movie teaser trailer. Like the ones they release a year before the movie is supposed to come out. Boy, I hate those. They don't call them teasers in vain.
I hope you enjoy the small glimpse into this project. And don't forget to mark the RSS address so you can keep up to date when we post to this blog!


Hey! Thanks for reading our blog! We'll be showing you the progress as we make our comic book we hope to submit to some major comics publishers.

Here's the concept: Timmy is an average high-school kid. He’s too shy to talk to Sally, the girl of his dreams, and only his best friend Nate understands him. Pretty normal, or so he thought! One day he is in a terrible accident, and discovers he’s a killer robot! This life-changing moment begins a journey of self-discovery. “Who am I? Why am I here?” These are questions we all ask ourselves, but now Timmy is on a mission to find out!

Right now, we're in the design phase. Tommy completed scripting issue 1, and have the rest of the 1st story plotted out. Eric is currentlt working on characrer designs which he'll post here pretty soon!

If you want to check out some of our other work, Eric's done a great comic called Dog Saint, and Tommy has done Children of Light, which you can read at Megazeen.