Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Battle Unit

The story of Timmy called for allot of Robot slug feast. So imagine, at least 50 or so robots coming at poor little Timmy. Actually, I feel sorry for the robots, Not Timmy!

This design was for one of the many battle units Timmy would have to encounter in his quest for the truth, and in Mr. Smiths quest to get Timmy back.

These lesser battle units are not very smart. They just do what they are told to do. Nothing more. And basically, as their name implies, they are designed for battle. Taking on the cues that Tommy left through out his script, I designed this one version of the battle robots. I gave him a cyclops look. His face and head is his eye. They are thin, light weight, so they can move very fast. They can jump high like grasshoppers or something. And of course, no battle machine would be complete without something to shoot with right?
So I changed his left forearm into a built in mounted machine gun unit. Just to give Timmy allot of bullets to dodge.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My drawing process

Finally managed to squeeze in some Timmy work today. I'm re-doing a panel we wanted to change from page 1, so I thought I'd show how I work from start to finish.

I used my 9-year old boy, Sam as a model. Sometimes he overacts in his poses! I told him to look surprised as he jumps out of bed. Something funny is my 3-year old is right next to me here with her toy camera.

Here I used the photo of Sam the ham to sketch out the pose over the original I had drawn. You can probably see the original partially erased.

Finally, I secured a piece of vellum paper over the sketch, and drew the final version. Drawing on vellum is nice and smooth, and you leave all erasing behind!

This little guy is off to Eric! Hope you enjoyed the show!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nothing new yet.

Hey! How've you been? I've been taking a short break from working on the Timmy pages the past few weeks, but I do hope to get back into it soon.

My wife and I went to Wizard World Chicago last week, had a blast, especially since we went with no kids or puppies! I took my portfolio of pages I've worked on so far, to get a review from a few artists I admire, Adam Withers & Comfort Love, creators of the Uniques. A & C were great to talk to, and gave me tons of honest criticism & advice. My biggest problem is I felt I was doing good enough, and that bubble was burst.

Once we got home, things got kinda busy with selling our house, cleaning, dealing with offers, and beginning to look for a new home for us. This week I hope to get back into the art, and you'll see it first here!