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Timmy Page 1 & 2 Splash page

Okay, here we go. I finished working on the 5 pages needed for submitting to the Publisher we have in mind. As Tommy mentioned, he's busy working out the last minute details on the story pitch. And to top it all, we are hunting for a colorist to handle the color dutys. So this is a call out of sorts, if you're responsible, and can meet deadlines, skilled in Photoshop, and want to work with us, contact me or Tommy ASAP and we'll give you the details from there on.

Here's page 1 and 2 of the Timmy comic.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Killer Robot of the Week- Homeless Robot

Never trust a homeless robot. That's what I've always been told, and with good reason. "Edward", the briefs-wearing bum, resorts to stealing hot dogs to survive. Hot dogs? What kinda robot runs on hot dogs? He has a plug, so I assume he runs on electricity like every other robot. He must be so evil he would steal just for the joy of it. Stay away!

Threat level- 4 -looks like he can't do much, or he wouldn't be a bum.

Moving right along

As you might have guessed from Eric's tease, he is back as the artist for Timmy. How it happened, I'm still not sure. It all happened so fast! He did the remaining pages in 1 weekend, (he'll show you when he's in the mood, and no sooner!) and we're currently trying out colorists. I'm putting the finishing touches on the written pitch, and we could have this baby wrapped up in just a few weeks!


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