Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tommy's Timmy pages

Here's my attempt at drawing the Timmy comic by myself. I had approached a few other artists to draw the comic a few years ago. The first was Dave Contreras, a super-cool Californian. (I think being from Cali automatically makes you cool). He had a comic about a kid with a pet robot I fell in love with, and I knew he would be awesome to work with. I couldn't find that comic online, but here's another great one he did.

Sadly, things with Dave didn't work out, but we're still friends! I'm gonna squeeze some Timmy covers or a pin-up out of him when we get this book published!

So I approached Eric about working on the comic a year or so ago. At first, we came up with some sketches and ideas, but pretty soon Eric's schedule made him unable to keep drawing the Timmy comic. So around this time last year, I decided to make a go of drawing it myself. I asked Eric if he could help me out with design and general advice, which he agreed to.

The result is some of my best work I've ever done. I worked harder on these pages than anything I've ever done. But I know I've still got a lot to learn.

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