Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mad scientists!

Here's some sketches, courtesy of Eric! These guys are Timmy's creators. They worked together several years ago on top-secret robotics projects!

First up is Dr Goodweed, creator of Timmy's A.I. "brain". I had imagined him as a hippied-out, tie-dye wearing guy, like Tommy Chong (no disrespect to Mr. Chong. Loved your movies, man!). Eric gave me this version, which I thought might be his current look. Timmy wants to find out who this guy is, since he's his other "father".

This is Dr. Thompson, who Timmy believes to be his dad. Thompson grew upset with the way his creations were being handled, and stole Timmy away from the project. He finished his work on Timmy in secret, giving him a believably human appearance. He programmed Timmy to believe he's just a normal kid.

*Cue sinister music* Lastly we have Mr. Smith, the funder of the robotics operation. He has plans to decieve his partners and sell the robots for military use, not for saving lives as they planned. After Thompson disappears with Timmy, Smith becomes obesessed with finding them.

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