Saturday, April 12, 2008

Killer Robot of the week: Robot

This robot, uncaringly named "Robot" was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Robot, undisputed star of the show Lost in Space, was the protector of the Robinson family, and to it's regret, Dr. Smith. He could state obvious warnings and shoot cool electric bolts from his slinky-toy arms. To defeat him, all you had to do is skeak up behind him and pull out his power pack.
In the Lost in Space movie from teh late 90's, we were treated to a different version of Robot, reprogrammed to destroy the Robinsons in true killer robot style! He failed to kill anyone, but did manage to damage the ship and throw them off course. Under his armor was the original-looking version of Robot, which was a nice touch.

Threat level-5 Smart and powerful, but pretty easy to defeat. Plus he was commandeered by a 10-year old.

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  1. Tommy, I am do loving this new series. Keep it up!!