Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's all about style

Allot of sketching going on. Basically trying to get the style the comic will be drawn locked and ready. I want it to be consistent in the way it looks. One of the problems I have been having is making the change from my usual semi-realistic art to the toned down simple cartoon look. So when I sketch, I find myself thinking "Saturday Morning Cartoon" over and over again.

I like the Character of Timmy. But without a doubt, my favorite in the series has to be Moses the homeless robot. I don't think any other Character I have drawn has so much character, and potential, then this Guy.

I mean, even the name says it all. So I was talking to Tommy one day and we kind of bounced the idea os a Moses mini-serise or one shot, depending in what direction Timmy took us.

Still, I have so much fun when I draw him. It would seem the comic was based on him alone.

This was done traditionally. Meaning, I sketched it with a pencil in my sketch book.

This one was done digitally. Meaning, I sketched it with a Wacom tablet in my computer using Sketchbook Pro.

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