Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spider mode

One of the very cool abilities that Moses posses, and that we have not really dwelt on much, is his ability to transform his body into an complete arsenal. He's basically a walking one man (excuse me, robot), machine. Designed with the sole purpose of killing. Destroying anything and everything in his path.

Thank God for something called conscience. And that's exactly what both Timmy and Moses have. The ability to tell from right and wrong. The human gift (and curse) of choice.

It's what drives Moses to flee from his Creators. It's what drives him to do no evil. Well, at least not to innocent People.

One of the scenes in the comics calls for something like this. And if you are asking how something like this is possible. The my answer to that is simple.

It's a comic book for crying out loud. You can do ANYTHING you want and get away with it ;)

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  1. Dude, I'm amazed at how you're running with this character that we didn't even talk about too much in the beginning. He's quickly becoming more than I imagined he could be!