Saturday, December 6, 2008

Which way?

Things are changing again here at Timmy central. We had a colorist, now we don't have a colorist. Again. No hard feelings to that person, I wish them the best!

I had been thinking lately about so many roadblocks and closing doors while trying to get this comic rolling. Most of it probably has to do with me not being able to pay anyone yet. Money is a better motivator than the hope of getting money! I was thinking if so many doors are being shut, maybe that's a sign. I kept feeling that wasn't right. Sometimes faith and perseverance is being tested. Eric helped me see that better. We're both Christians, and we believe the Lord rewards perseverance.

maybe we'll succeed, maybe we won't. But it'll be fun to try!

o yeah, and we do have a new colorist, it's the guy who was the best choice from the start!

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