Friday, January 16, 2009

Page shots

And you thought we gave up on this didn't you?
Well, here you go. This is what you get for being such a doubter.

Reworking some of the pages I have already done since they felt rushed and did not meet my standard quality of work.


  1. looks good, what I can see! (yes, readers, Eric keeps me in as much suspense as you!) I thought you were drawing all digital now. Or is that a digitally drawn picture of your table with digital pages on it?

  2. Funny thing about that Tommy. Everything else has been digital. But for whatever reason, which is beyond my explanation, I have not liked the direction of Timmy in digital. So I had to go traditional. And I'm not fuzzing about it because I like the way it's shaping up.

  3. I like it, too!

    It's kinda ironic, too that you're not working digitally on a high-tech story.

  4. Hmm... Never looked at it that way. lol