Monday, January 21, 2008

Timmy flashback: 1st sketch

Hey, Tommy here! What we have here is the very first drawing I did of Timmy. I remember coming up with the concept, and being excited about it, and told my wife. She thought it sounded like it wouldn't work (she's all for it now!), so I shelved it in my head for a while. After a few months, I got the bug to try to develop this character again, and out came this sketch.

I gave him a "Terminator"-style arm, which we've canned for the more finished model of Timmy.

For his appearance, I wanted a young guy to model him after. At the time, the band The Calling was popular, so I modeled Timmy after their singer. Probably doesn't even look like him!

Eric showed me some cool sketches today, hopefully you'll see them soon!

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