Friday, March 21, 2008

Dino-Boy! Rraah!

Eric & I were talking about the possibility of having to self-publish, and should we create a label, or imprint for our comic. At first, I thought, "Nah. If we only have one title, why do we need a label?". But i agreed to think about it, and filed it in the back of my head somewhere.

While working yesterday, I was letting my mind wander (good thing I don't operate heavy machinery!), and into my head popped an image of a littke kid dressed in a dinosaur costume, brandishing a homemade cardboard sword. I think I was influenced by the new comic book, Tiny Titans, from DC Comics.

After thinking what a neat little comic I could make with him and his partner, Monkey-Boy, I thought that was it! That's our imprint! Either Eric would love it, or think I had lost it, and try to leave quietly. Turns out he loved it! Good thing, 'cause I was gonna beat him (in a loving Christian way) with his wacom until he agreed to it.

It might seem silly or childish at first glance, but we both felt it embodied what we love about comics. you pick up a fun, great comic and feel like a kid again, running in the backyard, fighting monsters and saving the world while on a Kool-Aid high!

Eric says he'll do a finished version of Dino-Boy for us! I'll treasure it forever! Rraah!

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