Monday, March 24, 2008

What's in a name.

A few weeks ago I approached Tommy with the idea of forming a Banner together. Keep in mind that Tommy was already using Lightbulb Comics for his Children of Light comic and I was about to begin using Unleashed Comics for my Dog Saint comic. But I felt Tommy and I have so much in common, especially in the matter of Comics and what our goals are, that it only felt right to join forces in one way or the other, apart from Timmy The Killer Robot.

A few years back I can remember when a few of my favorite Artist's banded together to do something similar under the banner of "Legend". Those Artist's were Mike Mignola, Arthur Adams, Dave Gibbons and Frank Miller. I think there were a few more in there. But they came together under the Legend banner with one mind and focus to put out quality comics such as Monkey Man and O'Brian.

Timmy The Killer Robot may be the only comic Tommy and I ever collaborate in. It may just be the first of many. But it just only seems right to join forces under one banner. A banner that puts a seal of approval on our work, as a team, and individuals. I hope to publish Dog Saint under this banner. But first, I hope we get Timmy The Killer Robot going, as the flagship title, under this banner.

Tommy did not give me an immediate reply. He promised he would think about it. That was perfectly fine with me. A few days later I get his email in my inbox. It contained a picture of a very cute and irresistible character that quickly found his place in my heart called Dino-Boy. I instantly knew that was the right character and name for our banner. It spoke in volumes what we are about. Fun, family oriented comics that show our passion for this incredible and awesome genre of comics.

I promised Tommy I would do a more tight rendering of the character to use as a logo. This may change over time, it may not, but here is what I got for the moment.

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