Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Eric did these sketches of Timmy and his friends. Well, Nate is his friend, kinda. Nate is the guy you didn't really want to hang around, but couldn't get rid of. Sally is Timmy's dream girl, who he's too shy to talk to in school.

Nate think's he's all that, but he's...a turd. He hits on every girl he sees with corny one-liners, but he's never gotten a date. Timmy and Nate are pretty much each others' only friends.

Sally is a popular, pretty girl. Timmy feels queasy every time he gets near her, and is so nervous, he says something stupid. She secretly thinks he's sweet and likes him!

Eric claims to be working hard on pages, so hopefully we'll have something awesome to show soon!

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