Thursday, March 6, 2008


I didn't want us to do 2 posts in a day, (that sneaky bugger Eric posted before me) But i work late on Friday, and I get lazy on Saturday. This'll be worth it!

Here’s some designs Eric did for Moses, a character Timmy encounters in the story. I originally designed Moses to help Timmy out at a point in the story, and give him some encouragement. I at first didn't realize what an original and complex character he was becoming. Moses is a homeless Christian former killer robot. How about that!

Moses used to be what Timmy is. They were both designed for destruction. Somehow Moses escaped his creators, and created a life for himself. He found a Bible at a homeless shelter, and read from beginning to end in1 hour. He came to the logical conclusion that there must be a creator (knowing that he himself is a created being), and became a believer in Jesus Christ. He felt that with God, he had everything he needed, and has no material possessions, remaining homeless. And that’s the way he likes it!

At one point in the story, Timmy is hiding form enemies, and Moses finds him shelter. Timmy has discovered he’s a robot, and feels lost. Everything he thought he was is wrong. Moses helps Timmy realize it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. What matters is who you are inside.

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