Monday, May 26, 2008

Leting go

I had a dream...or something like that. When I came up with the concept for Timmy, I felt my art style wouldn't suit the project (Maybe I've covered all this before, so bear with me). I knew a super cool artist, Dave Contreras, who did some super-cool robot comics, and I thought, "He is the artist for Timmy". I had never worked with someone before, and it was hard to give up some control of the story, but the work he gave me was great, and made letting go worth it!

I had always wanted to be a comics artist. I just never applied myself, and worked as hard as I should have, so I felt inadequate to do the job. Still it was hard letting go of something I always wanted to do. But I felt I could be happy as a writer only.

Sadly, life got in the way, as it does, and Dave couldn't commit to getting the work done, no problem, no hard feelings, Dave still remains one of my favorites. So the search began anew. Eric Merced had a style what I was looking for, so I thought, "He is the artist for Timmy". He accepted, and turned out some equally great work. Sadly, life got in the way, as it does (am I repeating myself?), and Eric couldn't commit a the time. No problem, we remain brothers!

So a year or so ago, I told myself, "I can do this, I'm good enough", and got to work on some of the best work I've done, but it was still just pretty good. I began to doubt my ability to complete the work at a professional level, and somehow talked Eric into giving it another shot. Again, he gave me some great work, but sadly, life got in the way (I'm seeing a pattern here), and Eric wanted to commit, but had to take a paying job, which I couldn't offer at the time.

I'm not putting down these guys in any way, they're both professionals, and do awesome work. The problem was I couldn't pay anything, and the guys had to make the wise choice to do paying work to support their families. I would do the same thing. They remain my brothers who I love.

So again, Timmy remains stalled in the mud. Or does it?

To be continued.

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