Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taking hold

Last time I talked about how hard it was to let go of my creation into more capable hands. When those hands became too busy, I felt I had to make another decision. All along I had lamented not being able to draw Timmy, I just felt it was beyond my ability, pretty much a laziness issue. I believe that the only way to grow is to continually challenge yourself. The question is, am I up to the challenge?

I was talking with a friend about this, and he helped me realize that I should have been doing the drawing from the start. God gave me a passion and some talent to create comics, if I choose to not develop it to the best of my ability, what good am I? Every effort I've made to have someone else do the art has been met with delay and frustration. Don't get me wrong, Eric & Dave gave it their all, and I love and appreciate them more than they can know.

So Eric & I talked, and I've begun to do final pencils on the pages I posted way back sometime. It'll be a challenge, because I ususlly pencil sketchy, and then do a poor job of inking over it. We're going to try a tight pencil style, with color by Eric directly over the pencils. I'm glad Eric still wants to stay on! And if I can talk Dave into doing covers...awesomeness!

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