Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Battle Unit

The story of Timmy called for allot of Robot slug feast. So imagine, at least 50 or so robots coming at poor little Timmy. Actually, I feel sorry for the robots, Not Timmy!

This design was for one of the many battle units Timmy would have to encounter in his quest for the truth, and in Mr. Smiths quest to get Timmy back.

These lesser battle units are not very smart. They just do what they are told to do. Nothing more. And basically, as their name implies, they are designed for battle. Taking on the cues that Tommy left through out his script, I designed this one version of the battle robots. I gave him a cyclops look. His face and head is his eye. They are thin, light weight, so they can move very fast. They can jump high like grasshoppers or something. And of course, no battle machine would be complete without something to shoot with right?
So I changed his left forearm into a built in mounted machine gun unit. Just to give Timmy allot of bullets to dodge.

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