Monday, July 14, 2008

My drawing process

Finally managed to squeeze in some Timmy work today. I'm re-doing a panel we wanted to change from page 1, so I thought I'd show how I work from start to finish.

I used my 9-year old boy, Sam as a model. Sometimes he overacts in his poses! I told him to look surprised as he jumps out of bed. Something funny is my 3-year old is right next to me here with her toy camera.

Here I used the photo of Sam the ham to sketch out the pose over the original I had drawn. You can probably see the original partially erased.

Finally, I secured a piece of vellum paper over the sketch, and drew the final version. Drawing on vellum is nice and smooth, and you leave all erasing behind!

This little guy is off to Eric! Hope you enjoyed the show!

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